under the moonspell ;)

moonspell and a few other bands (including such as the mesmerizingly melancholy anathema, the rolling dark charon, and the up and coming black leaves) played at… a kind of mini-festival round here, about a week ago. they did rock in many senses of the word (including even some pratchettian ones), and we had a truly great and memorable evening.

we met a few friends as well, of course. some of them even took photos of the bands (like this one, of moonspell*), and of the audience (like this one of the silent gathering of the watchful zombies*). the reason why i mention this, the friends and the photos here is… let’s say: hidden. somewhat. i’m, like, sending a link to my future self to remember, okay? that’s the main function of a journal, isn’t it? theoretically, at least?

right, i guess that’s all about it. oh, i almost forgot – thanks to all who were there. bands and friends as well.

and now, back to work. there’s a short story to be finished tonight. with some moonspell songs playing in the background, perhaps. (guess what, this has been another hint at something.)


*btw these photos were made by a stranger, not a friend, and they’re courtesy of shockmagazin.hu

2 thoughts on “under the moonspell ;)

  1. these guys sound like legends of all metal how the fuck can i get some of their stuff so it can grace the pagan shrine of my cd rack whilst i and my commrads in arms can drink mead and battle on to their legasy

  2. Tim: either follow the links in the post and look for official webshops with official merchandise, or visit any bigger (online or offline) store (like amazon.com, itunes, or media markt, for example) – these are almost all quite big and easily available bands (Moonspell and Anathema especially), you’ll have no trouble finding them.

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