77 finished again

About an hour ago I’ve finished my short story for the 77 anthology. Again. Quite a number of paragraphs got edited and extended, some even deleted. As a result, the story has become more compact in its own way. (It’s been kinda dream-like from the start, so don’t expect Hemingwayian compact, nor Carverian minimalism, for that matter.)

Typical errors? I tend to over-compress information, and to take it for granted that upon seeing certain clues my readers come to think of the same things and reach the same conclusions as I do. Which is, of course, rather unwise, to say the least. That’s why I need often be reminded (preferebly prior to publication, by editors and test-readers) to take another look at my stories, from a complete stranger’s point of view as well. And then expand. And explain. As much as possible, without hurting the essence of the story.

Tomorrow I’m going to show this 2nd version to BoSzi first. She’s the only one who can tell me now if something crucial got lost during the rewrite (which I hope is not the case). If she gives it all the thumbs-up, I’m sending it on.

Well. Back to the title of this post: I know it may sound weird to some that certain things get finished more than once. I guess there will be yet another finish for this short story apart from the one I’m reporting here right now… And perhaps a fourth one as well, when and if it comes out in print. Finally.

Life is funny. When it’s not sad or tough or…



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