novel threat

It’s lurking on the threshold. It’s ugly, gloomy and rather surreal – and it has its eyes on my poor spare time and my spare creativity. It is, once again, an idea – for a novel. I have survived many encounters with its kind, letting none reach maturity so far… but this is a dangerous one, I can tell you. It has plot, sublpots, protagonists, you name it. And it wants to enter our world, through my head, using my fingers to create a… body, a simulacrum for itself.

Fortunately there’s my yet-to-be-finished short story collection. That might should stop it. For a while, at least.


4 thoughts on “novel threat

  1. They tell me aaaaalll the time. :) Okay, I am realistic: it may take one and a half or even two years to write, depends on the size. First novels are the hardest.

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