i slipstre am

So, after so many years, it turns out that I’m most likely a slipstream writer. I’m not going to explain here what that means, for a friend and slipstream writer comrade of mine has already written a great entry about it – yet I’m glad I won’t have to resort to definitions like…

it’s a mixture of magical realism and dark fantasy with a modern urban approach, involving surreal and mythic elements presented in a sometimes minimalist, sometimes realist, sometimes dreamlike style (you know, the kind that David Lynch, Neil Gaiman, J.P. Jeunet and similar well-known artists are known for too)

about my writing any more, for that’s rather horribly clumsy. Slipstream sounds way better… even if it may call for the same explanation, as not many people seem to know (round here, that is) what the word actually refers to. I’ve just learned about the existence of this category (as such) too.


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