lord of the empty loops

Nowadays a bit too often my brain runs what I call empty loops. At times like that I seem to have a certain craving for some kind of information, or perhaps for some kind of inspiration. Trouble is, I myself am not aware of what I'm looking for. I browse pages on the net – often repeatedly returning to them within the hour! –, sites that absolutely fail to catch my attention, sights that, to my conscious part, seem like nothing more than a bunch of boring characters and design elements…

I hope at least my unconscious knows what it's doing and why. Otherwise it's a horrible waste of time.

And now, for something completely different:

There's a storm looming on the horizon. The not-so-distant voice of thunder and the cold and fresh but at the same time sinister stillness of the air seems to turn my hour into a daydream of heroic, brooding fantasy…

…and then, instead of composing an epic story to be written or told, my brain initiates a phase I described above.

Lord of the Empty Loops, am I.

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