a small place

The world is such a small place. At times a bit too small, perhaps.

And people having a lot of nicknames doesn’t help the resulting confusion either. You know someone by handle A, others you know (whom you refer to as C) know them by handle B, and they (C) keep telling you things about this certain B who in the end of course turns out to be the A you know (and who perhaps kept mentioning certain Ds, who in turn turn out to be your Cs).

All this, of course, wouldn’t be a problem if all those involved would be on friendly terms with one another. But they’re not necessarily so, and when you learn about the semi-hidden identities, their animosity begins to weigh on you as well, even if you don’t want it to.

Yeah, it’s a small place, and it’s full of intrigue. Unfortunately. But I’m not calling names. Let everyone play their own games, if they like it so. :)

(And this post has been “generalized” a lot on purpose.)


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