Gene Wolfe likes our cover

Gene Wolfe wrote an electronic letter to the cover artist, Richard Vass praising the work Richard (and I :)) did on the Hungarian edition of The Shadow of the Torturer.

Seems like the design I came up with for the Masters of Imagination (in Hungarian: A képzelet mesterei) series of our publishing house is quite a success so far… :D

And now, back to work.

2 thoughts on “Gene Wolfe likes our cover

  1. Robin: Yep, but apart from the header (which is a crop from a wallpaper I made quite a while ago) it’s not mine. :| Blogs hosted at aren’t really customizable: you can choose from a variety of pre-made skins, but you cannot touch colours, fonts, layout-elements etc. :( Recently they introduced a feature that lets you display an uploaded picture for a header, but that’s all. For any deeper modifications you have to pay… or download wordpress and run it on your own server.

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