undead blog & a postponed short story

undead, yes. i mean, how many thematic, thoughtful and meaningful posts have i written during the past few months? and even if there were some, how long did you (and me) have to wait for them, and how many bullsh!t posts did you have to read?

well, this all could be accepted, and calmly, from a zen-like viewpoint, yet i guess i really must reconsider my blogging principles and start writing accordingly… and not posts like this (and the one i wrote a few days ago, and the ones before that) that keep whining about their own pointless nature. :)

btw, all those who have expected to see that new, somewhat-hinted-at new short story of mine – titled always at the dawn of a new era – in the next issue of Roham can just, unfortunately, stop expecting it. :( i’ve decided to postpone its publication, for various issues concerning some misunderstandings / conflicting design principles (!) with some members of the staff. but it will come out someday. promise. (i wonder whether others will pull their stories as well… but i guess not.)


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