Otherwise I spend my days quite actively recently, both socially and work-wise.

Besides the regular 8 hours, I’m involved in at least four other projects (sometimes more, sometimes less, these seem regular). First, there’s a not-too-secret translation (but don’t ask), then there’s this one that’s a rather secret design job, followed by some grandious plans for this… err… literary community (you know which one) I’m an inner circle member of, though not exactly in the literary division, and last, but not least (quite the contrary, perhaps this one’s the most important of these four), I’ve picked up the thread of my short story collection as well! Ta-dah! With the help of a true, professional editoress (one of the best I know), d., who also happens to be a long time friend of mine (you know, the kind of friend who knows your truly bad sides as well but accepts you along with those as well… a rarity, I say).

About the social activities… in a later post, perhaps, now I must go and get some food. :)


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