book cover design: Dan Simmons’ Kali’s Song, step 1

So this is how it begins, usually. The very first step.

This is the preliminary rough sketch (!) I’ve come up with following a short discussion with the editor of the book, the Hungarian edition of Dan Simmons‘ award winning Song of Kali.

Soon we’ll send this (well, in fact a way bigger version of this) out, along with a number of explanatory notes to an illustrator who’s going to develop and finish it according to his own style and standards.

If possible, I’ll try and show you some inbetween steps as well, but don’t count on this as a promise. We’ll certainly post the final version, though, for you to see where it all ended, where the last step brought us.

All rights reserved (C) 2007 by
whoisnot & Delta Vision Publishing.

(Click in the image to see a bigger version at deviantart. Remember to click in it once again when the page loads.)


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