tagged: 5 secrets that aren’t secrets

Okay. A while ago I got tagged by Robin in this game in which you tell five less known facts about yourself. Guess you could call them secrets as well, but I think that word’s better suited to all those creepy things you really don’t tell anyone. So here come my five points. Don’t expect to be thoroughly entertained, I’m just following suit and going with the flow, not breaking the chain.

1. For a brief period of time early in my life I had the delusion that I’m a rather powerful spiritual entity (let’s not name its kind) imprisoned in this earthen shell. Rest assured, nowadays I have the delusion that I’m an ordinary human being. Or perhaps a simulation of a simulation of a simulation (repeat endlessly) in a quantum-computer that would answer 42 should you ask the right question. We’ll see in the end, if there’s an end. Or not. Praise the Buddhas, or whoever you prefer.

2. I think Paris Hilton can be quite pretty, despite all contrary opinion. (This one’s for those who crave this kind of secret. Satisfied?)

3. I’m an amateur (very, very amateur) composer as well. This would make me a Renaissance man, you know, the kind who’s at home in many fields of art, only I’m not home anywhere artistically, not being commited enough to any specific branch. In fact, if I could choose one to be truly gifted in, I’d be a musician, a composer and a player as I view music as the highest possible form of human communication: it’s possibly the closest to the lost and mythic language of Babylon. (No, don’t ask for mp3s. It’s highly unlikely that I’d ever dare to show my lame stuff to the public.)

4. I think it best to leave my favourite books left alone and not read a second time. I got disillusioned way too often, the enchantment gone. This doesn’t mean, of course, that there are no books that could stand a chance… only that they’re extremely rare and hard to find. (Especially among the entertaining kind, with their well-crafted storylines and carefully built heroes… they fail to touch me most of the time. I need something to think about, I want a book to give me a truly different perspective on life and all the thought and emotional complexes it’s composed of – and B-movie effects and adventures can hardly accomplish that.)

5. I lie sometimes. Quite rarely though, but I do. Exaggerate a bit, distort somewhat. Storyteller’s curse, you know. :) (You expected this, and expected this to be the concluding one, haven’t you? ;) You should have.)

Right, that’s it. Consider yourself tagged if you feel so, all of you who read this blog, and drop me (us) a comment here if you managed to publish some answers. (I could call names, but I’m not sure they read me, and I’m not sure they’d like to be tagged, and I’m not sure they haven’t been tagged since I last checked their blogs.)

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