the nine that should be ten game, with music in it

Being tired like hell but intrigued properly by this newly spreading (self-)questionnaire that I first read about at Tapsi‘s blog (hence the 9 not 10), I’ll just jot down my top 9 favourite songs ever with a brief comment.

1. nine inch nails: closer (precursor remix)

It could’ve been almost any song by Trent Reznor, who is NiN, but, in the end, it comes down to this this specific remix of this specific song. It was the pinnacle of the William Gibson meets Orwell experience for the ears, a look in the grainy and dirty sonic mirror of a world growing darker than cyberpunk itself.

2. My Dying Bride: Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium

Gothic horror turned into a looming soundscape with all its horrid gloom and tension and paradoxically mesmerizing beauty. Soundtrack to many of my darkest stories written, told and untold.

3. Rammstein: Stripped (a Charlie Clouser remix with a subtitle I can’t recall)

I know this is a twice remixed cover of a Depeche Mode song, yet I like it way more than its original. This is the song that played on almost endless repeat while I was writing one of my favourite short stories, Empty Heat (ages, or perhaps aeons ago, of course).

4. Ozzy Osbourne: No More Tears

To faux-quote the funniest master of darkness and all dark music: “This is just a fucking great song, let me see your fucking hands in the fucking air!” :D Okay, apart from Ozzy’s weirdness and uncouth mouth, this song has a truly unforgettable bassline, a thoroughly haunting mood which is linked, in my heart, with mellow, afternoon memories of a long-gone summer spent writing and receiving old-fashioned letters with ornamental calligraphy, in black ink. (For real.)

5. Faith No More: Just a man

“and I dream about a cloudy sky”

6. Type O Negative: Hey Pete

Should you ever want to imagine what it might be like to be an angry and horribly pissed off werewolf, this is the song that can help you. It also goes well for stories in a similar vein but told with purely entertainment purposes. Do not ever listen to this song after a bad break up, especially if you’re an angsty teen: you might get the wrong idea which you’d regret very deeply later (and hardly too, if you get what I mean).

7. Angelo Badalamenti: Freshly Squeezed (from the Twin Peaks OST)

A totally relaxing and light-hearted jazz song from one of TV’s most disturbing, infinitely dark yet amazingly enlightened shows ever.

8. David Bowie: Thru’ These Architects Eyes

A masterpiece from a classic concept album, harsh, distorted yet pure soundtrack to my first university year, but it would do quite well on a soundtrack to the final days of the world as well.

9. The Cure: Babble

This is a song to shut up to. Especially if you happen to be a mirror-man out of a waking nightmare.

Well, that’s it.

Wait! Have I really left out… Subzero by The Gathering? Gothic by Paradise Lost? Dominion Day by Gary Numan? Where’s Korn? Fear Factory? Siouxsie and the Banshees? And Sputnik? And…

Okay, I’d better stop. Really. There’s just too many great bands and songs. Fortunately.

Do feel tagged, if you like these kind of answering games.

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