If some of your players want to play Ravenloft and Star Wars at the same time, what can you do?

Transport the falling Emperor at the end of The Return of the Jedi into the Realms of the Mists and make him a domain lord. Take the Death Star (a third one, and this time a complete one) and make a domain out of it for him, but have the dread battle station’s systems sabotaged by the rebels. It can travel in space, but due to a permanent major malfunction, it can’t fire any of its guns let alone its planet-destroyer one. Its shields are up and working, so it’s invincible from the outside, but due to another flaw, they just can’t be lowered and they prevent all ships (including the Emperor’s own one) from leaving the station as well… pull the players (in their ship) in with a tractor beam, and let the fun begin…

(If you don’t get half of this, sorry, it’s a geek post for rpg-geeks… ;) )


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