Moving On, Parts 1-3 (and uptaded)

Even though these are rather serious and, fortunately, good news, I’ll keep it all relatively brief and devote just this one post to them all. Spring is coming, and life’s taking new turns.

First, from now on I’ll most probably refocus my online writing efforts to a new (but also WordPress driven) blog, which will serve as a kind of “official cs.g. homepage“. I’m going to run it in Hungarian mostly, and it will deal with all the stuff I compose, design, draw, paint and , most importantly, write. I’ll keep this blog here alive as well, for personal issues not closely related to various creative processes, but I’m going to post updates less frequently. The new link to check out, should you feel interested, is here.

Second: as of today, we (me and BoSzi) have become official residents of Budapest, Hungary. Wow! And right on the day we’ve first met! :)

Third: I’m leaving Delta Vision and my semi-official art director position behind as well. Having received a job offer I just couldn’t refuse I’m spending a last month, this March here at DV. It’s been a rather productive period. To mention some of the most recent examples, I’ve just finished redesigning the Beagle series and the Gemmell series (and doing so had the chance to work with material by John Howe whose work I truly adore). As a writer, I still have some ongoing projects with the house, and I might play a part in certain future DV design jobs as well. We’re parting, I believe, on quite good terms, but all in all I’m already looking forward to the new challenges.

Changes are always risky, of course, but I do hope things will go well. Wish me luck. :)


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