news, cut short

perhaps one day I’ll write more about these, now it’s just for the record, before I forget

beside you in time dvd by nin: 10/10
my dying bride live at metal mania: 10/10
(meeting the singer of mdb live offstage: 10/10)
(mdb playing “the forever people” live: 11/10)
testament live at metal mania: 9,5/10
korpiklaani live at metal mania: 9/10
(korpiklaani’s gig cut short by lame organization: 1/10)

300, the movie: 10/10 (yes.)
the  faun’s labyrinth, the movie (or what was its title): 5/10 (yes. biggest movie dissapointment in years.)
grimm, the movie: 9/10 (way, way better than the faun in many aspects.)
casshern: 8/10 (if you can tolerate the megalomaniac melodrama and the anime style)
mirrormask: 9/10 (i expected much, much worse, it was a very pleasant surprise!)

meeting a lot of friends at the metal mania fest: 10/10

that’s it, over n out now


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