serenity: a brief opinion

Saw Serenity, the movie for the first time yesterday. It’s a great sci-fi movie indeed – yet nowhere as great as I expected it to be based on a lot of reviews. It has a certain artificiality to it: the dialogue is just a bit too witty, the events a bit too well ordered. The people (and here comes a minor spolier!) sacrificed sacrificed just at the right moments to create suspense… and it works, at least in those who have no idea about what purpose such sacrifices serve and when to expect them. As for the major story arch: yeah, nice, but there’s nothing new about it. (Spoiler again:) Come on, who got truly surprised by the fact that the evil mindless zombie people were once nice and innocent citizens, and that they were turned into monsters by a secret governmental experiment? And of course a girl turned into a killing machine (who spends most of her time whimpering on the floor, no keeping in shape, no training, no visible musculature etc) can beat a whole armada of these monstermen, like Neo knocked down all the clone Smiths? And of course there’s this vital info about the evils of the evil government that must get out to the public… yes, Johnny Mnemonic, the movie (to name but a single (and horribly bad) predecessor)? Okay, I’m getting carried away. :)

All in all this is a great movie. Loved it. And I mean it. Only it’s not as good or groundbreaking as I expected it to be upon hearing all the fanfare. It’s to scifi movies what Buffy was to the vampire genre: a new, witty and half-serious, half-hilarious blood, something revitalising. But the best sf movie of all times, beating such classics as Alien and Blade Runner? Come on.



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