stories: the way i like them

sure, i love a good plotline – but overdo it, make it all too compact and i’ll turn away from it.

i know readers like stories (beginning-middle-end) because it gives them a sense that things make sense, and i do believe that on the grandest scale things do make sense, indeed, yet i, as a reader and i, as a writer prefer my stories a bit undone, a bit raw, a bit falling apart, a bit messed up and unplaceable, undescribable, in the tradition of Lynch, Gilliam (Terry, yes) and Pelevin, to name just a few whom i read / watched recently.

keep the story, and do make it kick ass, for it is needed and it is useful – but keep life lifelike, and give me thoughts and feelings unexpressible with pure plot elements to chew on as well, and i won’t bite your symbolic hand …nor mine own. :)


2 thoughts on “stories: the way i like them

  1. EelKat:

    thank you.

    yes, a thoughtful and mostly unresolved ambivalence helps a lot: it keeps the story in my head – and hopefully in my readers’ heads as well when i’m the writer responsible, not the reader pondering.

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