not writing, rambling

so why the heck am i not writing? why do i spend my precious sparetime sketching a new header (see above) for a blog whose design otherwise is not mine, a blog i planned to leave for a new one (yet hasn’t, so far)? i don’t know. i guess i worked too much yesterday, well into the night… if not the morning. now i don’t feel like doing anything serious, anything that would require thorough attention. or perhaps i’m just lazy. for i have this “alibi” for today… but i could’ve written on several other days as well, on days unlike this when i had time and energy as well. i guess it must be a minor block, for i have ideas, at least 5 of them – perhaps it’s their abundance that stops me now somehow, me being unable to choose which to work on. such things happen to me often, yet i do not wish i had only one instead of these five. another reason could be… that if i tell myself a tale, in my head, i often don’t feel motivated enough to put it on paper. it’s like as if i had to cook a dish that i’ve already eaten. :)

right. i could’ve written a paragraph for a short story as well instead of all this. i guess i’ll just try and come up with one and not continue here.

good night,


One thought on “not writing, rambling

  1. azt hittem, ezt már megbeszéltük :) nyomás írni, amíg szépen mondom! vagy legalább írd meg egy bekezdésben őket és küldd el!

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