Gemmell + John Howe

…and me. :)

A (scanned version of the) cover I designed for a book by David Gemmell (R.I.P.) using a masterful painting by John Howe (of LotR fame) is up and viewable at John Howe’s official gallery. It’s a pity it doesn’t show the entire jacket, for the design and the typo is aimed at showing as much of the wonderful image as possible, not drawing any more attention from it to the title than is necessary.

Click here to get to the image and to his site. (I’ll try to post an image myself but first I’ve got to get Mr Howe’s permission. :))

The rest of this series of Gemmell’s is going to continue this design as well, as far as I know, albeit not with Mr. Howe’s paintings (unfortunately).


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