progress with a new cover

We’re making slow but steady progress with a new cover, soon to be revealed. In a certain sense it’s going to be a rather new take on covers, at least for me and for the publisher – as far as I know there haven’t yet been any books covered in photomanipulations (using some great Creative Commons: Attribution photos as well!) in their line of publications.

I really do hope all will go well. There are some things to fix yet, but it’s almost ready. If this goes okay, I guess I’ll use more photos for covers in the future… and perhaps buy some as well. (There are brilliant CC:A photos out there, fortunately, but it’s better if you can use more specialized stuff, possibly taken at your own request, not just chosen for their vaguely fitting the image you have in mind… Okay, there are some pictures in this as well that I’ve taken myself, but that’s not the same as having a pro photographer do this part of the work for you. :) Especially if you need photos in relatively exotic locations.)

Updates soon.

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