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Would Tolkien’s Mordor really be in Transylvania, and the ghostly but magnificent city of Minas Morgul in Hungary?

Could the Soviets really have planned to wipe the entire North American continent off the face of the Earth back in the cold war era?

Where could Mu, that already lost and wiped-off, mythical continent have been?

Is there a map to the world hidden in the hollow belly of the Earth?

Where exactly does Batman live in Gotham City? Could you find it if you were a tourist there?

Is there a place in the Star Wars universe called Utapau?

Where’s what in Stephen King’s Maine?

…find the answers and more at Strange Maps, a blog at


2 thoughts on “map to a very interesting blog

  1. yeah, as for the mordor part, that’s soooo bloody obvious :D and haven’t you considered that the auld hungarians were well known for exporting wondrous jewels, mostly rings, and raided the west on horseback? :D we ARE the orcs and the servants of sauron!

  2. tapsi:
    and, of course, THIS IS SPARTA!!! :DDD

    …not to mention that we came from round the Ural mountains, and we all know what Ural means (take or leave an extra accent during the centuries) in Hungarian. ;)

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