here, not here

Okay. I’m seriously considering pulling all my personal stuff off the web. No particular reason, apart from an attempt to reclaim all the creative energies that go into writing mostly useless posts, watching useless stats and incoming links and whatnot. Yesterday I half pulled the plug, but right now I think it would’ve been a bit overdoing it, had I pulled it completely. Átesés a ló másik oldalára, as the Hungarian would say. ;) So, right now I’m here and not here. True to my nickname, ain’t I? :D

Two interesting bits for tonight:

• Are you an artist? You have, or plan to have an online portfolio? Here’s a very clever bunch of tips what to avoid in online (graphic) porftolios.

• And here’s a really cool “development remix” of the book cover design I did for Ólomerdő. It was done by moon-pookah (Timea Cserny), just for the fun of it – and I must say I like it better than the final official cover of the book.

I’m tired. And allergic to these heatwaves of the weather. No joke.


5 thoughts on “here, not here

  1. ne hagyd itt a netet, mi lesz akkor velünk? :)

    igen, az Ólomerdőnek ez a borítója szerintem is jobb, legalábbis egyedibb :)

  2. ok, come-on.

    where the ‘king hell could we hear from you, if we only meet once a year? will you promise that you miss a train once or twice in a month? :-P

    — Jenoe

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