well read, are you?

Sometimes I don’t understand why people devour books with such ferocity, such mental hunger, when they could chew and digest one wise sentence for years.

Of course, such wise sentences are rarely entertaining in the everyday sense of the word, and people (myself included) often read for the sake of being entertained purely. That’s okay, naturally. Yet… Another thing I don’t get sometimes is why these devourers feel boastful of how much entertainment they’ve consumed – for it hasn’t made them any wiser, most likely.

In my opinion “well read” is more appropriate for someone who read and understood and considered thoroughly a single wise book in a year than for those who swallowed (not to mention the rest of the digestive process) thousands of pages without gaining something of value from it.

(Surely the old problems of “define wise”, “define value” and so on apply here as well, but let’s just not deal with them now. You get what I mean, or you don’t. If not, or if you don’t agree – that’s perfectly natural as well.)

/weirdsnob OFF

/Yoda OFF

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