of Endless fame

Okay, so you remember all the Endless.hu designs in my deviantArt gallery?

‘Course you don’t. Why should you? I don’t really keep track of them myself, tending to focus on the current / next one only… Hint, hint. ;)

…but perhaps you’re a reader / writer of our articles? If so, you might be intrigued to learn that we – all those of Endless(.hu) fame – are now mentioned in Mr Gaiman’s official blog here, in this post of his. Endless.hu is now officially “a Good Fantasy and Cool Literature website.

Which is just cool. And good. Not to mention literally fantastic. ;)


Update: what he doesn’t mention, though it’s a principal fact is that endless.hu is written in Hungarian, so if you’re not a speaker of our language, you won’t understand anything of it. (Come to think of it, I wonder what he might have understood of it… unless someone translated some of our articles for him? Or just told him we were cool?)


2 thoughts on “of Endless fame

  1. … or the list of the authors and books and comics we have covered so far is pretty impressive and speaks for itself…

  2. Errr. A simple list of covered topics doesn’t necessarily mean the coverage itself is good and cool. Fantasy and literature, sure, but to form an educated opinion about its worthiness it’s good to get some first (or at least some quality second) hand experience, isn’t it? (Which I’m sure NG got, this way or another.)

    And no, this isn’t negative or overly satiric, it’s just a kinda realist approach, imo. I do know our beloved endless.hu rocks, that it’s full of true quality reviews and writings and that it looks more or less okay… because it’s us who run it. :)

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