barren seeds of stories (so far)

There are at least 10 brand new short story ideas in a folder on my desktop. And there’s at least ten more in my moleskine (and such) notepads. Each of them a few paragraphs at most. Summaries, synopses, moodsetters, memory hook dialogs. Seeds of stories, their numbers growing every week.

Yet I do not flesh out any of them. Have not done so so far. Why?

(Okay, I’m tired and work a lot and stuff. But that’s not the real reason. I just can’t put my finger on that one.)


2 thoughts on “barren seeds of stories (so far)

  1. So…spread them out on your desktop, close your eyes and jab your finger on one of them. Gaze at its outline for about fifteen seconds, put pen to paper and look up in about an hour and see what you’ve accomplished. The only way to FINISH a story is to BEGIN a story. Unless there’s a trick I’ve missed in the twenty+ years I’ve been tangling with the printed word…

  2. Cliff: The most direct approach to the problem works most often, yes — but not always, and this period seems to be the exception that strengthens the rule. I myself have been into this writing stuff for ten+ years, still I haven’t found a solution for these semi-blocks yet, when ideas, beginnings and solitary scenes come by the dozen but fleshed out writing itself keeps eluding me. But I’m working on it, sure, and hearing about how others deal with it – and successfully – certainly lends inspiration. Thanks!

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