unreleased ólomerdő cover


Back when I made a sketch for the cover of Leaden Forest, a novel written by Csilla Kleinheincz, a friend and (ex-)colleague of mine at Delta Vision Publishing, I started working on a “plan B” cover as well.

The first sketch which served art direction purposes and on which the final cover and print was (very, very loosely) based in the end was preferred by the publisher (because of its use of a figure), so we sent that out to the artist who did the final painting – but I resolutely finished plan B as well as a kind of safety measure, for back then it wasn’t sure the artist would finish her final version on time. She did, though, so plan B here – a photomanipulation entirely done by yours truly – never got released or published… so far.

Hope you like it. Let me know which version you like more – but don’t forget that the link given here leads to an art direction sketch, while this one here is more like a finished piece (albeit i wouldn’t call it final either.)

Notes: the book is a young adult story of a modern teenage girl’s dark adventures in a faerie land based on Hungarian folk-tales. There are, among other things, faeries turning into swans in the novel, hence the pose of the hand, and there’s magicking with elaborate gestures, hence the pose of the hand again and the energy circling it.

Btw, thanks to BB who was my hand-model, and thanks to G. as well for his invaluable help! :D

(For a larger version of the image, click it.)

Edit: Magyarul ugyanerről, Csilla szempontjából, itt.


5 thoughts on “unreleased ólomerdő cover

  1. Robin: hát, reméljük lesz az ügynek folytatása… ;)

    Jud: köszönöm! örülök, hogy tetszik. határozottan megnyugtató a véleményedet látni – a múltkori találkozónk és a blogodban írtak alapján már kezdtem aggódni… :)

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