sometimes an sf writer too

Okay, this is going to be 1. shallow 2. shamelessly self-promoting and 3. presented without any palpable evidence (which I could present, but do not want to, for various reasons.) Keep reading at your own risk – you have been warned. :D

So, (uncited) evidence seems to suggest that despite my own beliefs about my writing self I am actually a science fiction writer – at least sometimes. Here’s the deal: I’ve just read an article in a seemingly respectable online science magazine that scientists and psychologists are on the brink of inventing something that I have predicted in a starkly satirical (or just plain bad? ;)) short story of mine years ago. Trouble is, this short story of mine hasn’t been published yet anywhere, so when it eventually appears in my first ever exclusive anthology of updated and brand new material, it will be old news, scientifically at least (should the aforementioned bunch of clever guys realise their plans, that is.)

Anyhow, this kinda makes me proud in my own eyes. And that’s better than nothing. :D

Hope you see now why I do not yet want to present evidence. 1. Who would believe me that I do have a years old unpublished short story about a rather recent scientific finding? ;) 2. If I told you what the whole stuff is about for real, I would spoil my own story… which I won’t do. I do hate spoilers, especially when they spoil something I like. ;D

Thank you for your kind attention.


2 thoughts on “sometimes an sf writer too

  1. nem erről írtál már egyszer régebben is? vagy az csak a megírás időpontja körüli bonyolódás volt?
    de mindegy is: miért ne lehetne elhinni? van ez így.

  2. rosseb: nem, az egy másik volt, azt hiszem. :D (az pl. _nagyon_ gyakran megesik – brainoiz rá a sorstárs tanú -, hogy megír az ember valamit, vagy van egy ötlete, és x héten belül valami nagy filmstúdió bejelent avagy rögtön ki is hoz egy filmet, ami lelövi ugyanazt a poént… de az más. szigorúan tudományos tényekkel ritkábban esik meg. :))

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