version -1.0

This is an absolutely unofficial design sketch tribute-compilation for a Hungarian author, László Zoltán‘s upcoming novel titled A keringés, for which he himself posted some sketches as well, inspiring and driving me (me being a design maniac :D ) to create my own versions (based on the few things that I think I know about the book.)

I like the last one most: that’s where the theme (but i can’t say what that is) gets the most emphasis, giving a sci-fi base a kind of timeless touch, which might not match certain concepts of the book but which may in turn match certain others quite well (as far as i know… or more like: i guess). In fact, the layout / composition itself is not too groundbreaking, I guess: it is this aforementioned “eternal” effect that I see as the most prominent element of this design.

Stock imagery by resurgere (as almost always). Thanks.

Hope you like it.


4 thoughts on “version -1.0

  1. I like the third. The arrow is a nice touch, basically that’s what makes the cover special. I have problems with the concept of cutting th S in half, though – my first thought was: oh, HELL, the printer has cut the cover at the wrong place AGAIN.

    As we know this might happen. :)

  2. sezlony, Jud: Köszönöm!! :)

    Robin: with certain added elements (like logos etc) placed at proper positions it could be shown that the cut is not a mistake but the result of a conscious design decision. of course it’s harder here in Hungary, for we all know the unfortunately wide error margins, yet this image here was not made with that in mind… ;)

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