morose about “design”

the web is full of visually cool, sometimes even beautiful sites, that are rather lacking at usability or content (that is, they’re hard to use, or have nothing interesting to offer to the visitor.) i’m deliberately not pointing out examples, but you know it’s true.

come on, everyone, design is _not_ just about looks.


update: now that you ask, yes, something similar goes out, again without linking links, to certain book cover designers as well. (like: try and look further than a single book, especially if you’re working on multiple, already established series. for example, i’m not sure it’s a great idea to use the title font of series A for series B etc.)


2 thoughts on “morose about “design”

  1. WDGC: you’re a web-design company, so i guess you know the answers. (clever link placement and making use of btl advertising through comments left around the world may well be… related to them. ;))

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