beside the waves and other thoughts

albeit temporarily, the immeasurable and ancient waters wash away all the selfish little thoughts and worries. the ego disappears beside this enormity, these liquid and breathing azure fractals, and yet you remain, limitless and universal in those fleeting moments — all possibilities, chances waiting for the illuminating flare in which they can be born. and it comes, with the sunset and with the first star above the cold white crags.


sometimes (most often without any specific reason, just like now) i wonder why the bitterly cynic / the most scientific-minded / the true ratio-worshipping / the most uncaring people try hardest to create (or analyze and dissect others’) works of the imagination, almost always along a number of empty rules and dead laws that were shed by more open predecessors. and all the while they are looking for a poetic essence they’ll never even get to understand, let alone find and channel with their hyperrational mindset. i wonder, yes, even though the answer could hardly be more plain.

for instance: do you think you can write anything gripping about ghosts or fairies if you do not believe in them at least a tiny bit? apart from nicely twisted and plotted but mostly soulless stories or academic studies, of course. i mean i’ve read half of such a story the other day, then abandoned it because although it was well written, it was also heartless somehow and thus essentially uninteresting, then i read a short poem about the same theme by W.B. Yeats, and in a dozen lines it was all there that the other author couldn’t grasp and show in half a book.

sometimes i truly envy those visionaires who have (or had) a vein for inspired poetry.

or, what’s best, who can (or could) compose music.


and sometimes i think Geminis (like me) can really be in two minds about certain things. well, this post has been written by my mr Hyde. say hello to him.


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