secretive status report (updated)

A brief status report:

  • I’m making definite progress with the slipstream short story for the 5×4 anthology. (5×4 is, naturally, just a working title.) I cannot disclose details for various production reasons, but it’s going to be considerably longer than my average short story, and so far I like it, which is a good sign… for me at least. :D
  • My day job requires a lot of energy as well. You may not know (or have I mentioned it yet?) that these days I’m into translation again – or, to be more precise, into localization. Localizing, you say, but what? Top notch PC and console (Xbox360, PS3 and Wii) games. Once again, I cannot mention titles or details because of non-disclosure agreements, but most of these games are really heavyweight. (Right now I’m reviewing / proofreading a – so far awesome – translation that is quite directly linked to a literary star of the slipstream and fantasy genres.)
  • The design front is rather quiet, unfortunately: We’ve finished the new issue of Mondo and sent it off to the printer. I’ve also designed a rather unusual and somewhat sarcastic ad for the same magazine, but it is yet to be given the green light, so I cannot yet show it to you… And that’s it. There are other minor challenges as well, but nothing truly serious.
  • There are a number of various “sinister” and serious plans to be executed in the long run design and writingwise… but the long run here really means a long run, so I’m not mentioning anything yet. Suffice to say that we’re working on stuff. ;)
  • Okay, I’ll give you something almost tangible: you should keep an eye out for… {Update: seems like we may have a problem, Houston.}

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