Remind me

(Dear myself,)

Remind me someday to write about why I find most (but not all) fantasy, sci-fi, horror and slipstream works (writings, comics and movies) dull and boring, no matter the brilliant twists, the stark characterization and / or the stunning and breathtaking effects. Remind me to not forget that the same holds true of realist works as well. Also remind me to point out that the same is way less frequently true i.m.o. of similarly themed games, be they computerized or tabletop, pen&paper ones – and poetry. Finally, remind me that the core reason in these feelings of mine is strongly related to various forms of belief and disbelief as well as credibility.

Thank you,

PS: It would also be great not to forget that this is to be taken somewhat lightly, as these are most probably just passing feelings. :)


One thought on “Remind me

  1. As someone who’s written horror, science fiction, dark fantasy and “slipstream” work, I empathize. There are many, many bad genre writers out there and fans are unwilling to acknowledge the dearth of originality and talent. I wrote a piece called “Good Science = Bad Fiction” that got me crucified in fan forums and chatrooms. The genres you cite are built around ideas and if the idea isn’t interesting the concept falls apart. Genre writers are inept when creating believable characters, they’re much more interested in ladling on the gore (horror), the technology (SF) or pretending to be literary and interesting when they have none of the grounding or talent (slipstream/fabulist). I consider myself a writer who defies tropes and cliches and, therefore, feel my work is more than a few cuts above average. I hope you’ll try my stuff on for size sometime…

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