hobbits found: elves, dwarves next? :)

What does this say about human evolution?
It smashes the long-cherished scientific belief that our species, Homo sapiens, has had the earth to ourselves for tens of thousands of years. It makes us realize how much more complicated our recent evolutionary history is. Before the hobbit was found, we thought that for the last 30,000 years or so we’ve been alone in the world, and that all the other earlier hominid forms that we see in the fossil record between 1 and 3 million years ago had died out. Now we know that not all of those lineages went extinct prior to 1 million years ago, and some lived all the way up to the present time.

Matthew Tocheri, a postdoctoral anthropology fellow
in an interview at msnbc.msn.com

Now that the hobbits are found, I wonder when the other races of Tolkien’s, elves, dwarves, orcs etc will be unearthed. Or, what’s better, will be found living hiding amongst today’s humans. ;D (Do click the link and read the whole article, it’s very interesting!)


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