Both my editors (the personal friend one, d., and the official, in-charge of the anthology one, r.) liked my new occult short story (mentioned some posts before). Quite. I guess I may risk saying that. ;] Despite this, it’s not yet sure to make it into this new anthology, for – as is traditional – my stuff fails to fit its strict theme and world. It deviates from those. That, of course, has its good and bad selling points. It breaks coherence, yet it strengthens, highlights the theme it deviates from as well, paradoxically. Imagine a row of three red apples and one that’s yellow: the yellow one would draw attention to the redness of the rest, wouldn’t it? You’d pay less attention to their colour if there wasn’t a yellow one to contrast them with. Of course if your shop label says “red apples only” then the yellow one is out of place. Yet you have to weigh these factors, and make a careful decision. Design is never easy. :)


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