a slight shift, now an INFP (a Healer Idealist)

Today I returned, accidentally, to this post of mine, which reported that I was an INFJ. Having grown curious, I completed the test again, and have found that only the INF part proved stable, the J, however, changed into a P, so now I’m a Healer Idealist, which means this and this. The summary of the test reads, at the moment:

  • slightly expressed introvert
  • very expressed intuitive personality
  • distinctively expressed feeling personality
  • moderately expressed perceiving personality

Okay, the detailed stuff is quite close to the previous results, so I guess the J/P factor depends on mood and stuff. Anyway, it’s funny (and reassuring) that the test results suggest the following careers/fields as most fitting for the INFP type: • Literature/Writer • Humanities • Web design • Philosophy • Archaeology • Religious education • Psychology • Counseling. Over the past few months, I’ve been involved in all of these to a degree in some form. :)

Should you feel interested in your own type (and its possible shifting), here’s the test again.

Now, riding this strong wave of ego-searching, I think I’ll go and find out if I was still a Neutral Good Elf Ranger Druid or not. :DDD


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