How old would you say E.A. Poe is? For example. But you could choose any other well known personality from the past centuries. Like Jane Austen, for another example. When you picture him, or in J.A.’s case: her in your head, is he or she young? Or old? Do you picture a dead person? A person at the moment of their death, as old as they were then? Or what’s more weird: do you think of them as if they were hundreds of years old (which they, in a certain unsettling sense, are)? As dessicated corpses? I guess not. They are dead, yet they stopped ageing, and will stay more or less young forever, as long as somebody remembers them. And through their works, they’ll speak to us, as if they were sitting in a chair next to ours. That means that in a twisted sense they are alive as well, not just young.

In some alternate reality of the quantums that might mean that they’ve become lesser gods. Perhaps.


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