I’m not a sci-fi writer

…even though on rare occasions I venture into the territory of the genre (or so I was told.) Nonetheless, articles like the one I quote below from the Times Online do catch my attention. Should you feel interested in the reputation of SF in the UK and in the literary world, on a larger scale, don’t hesitate to follow the link to the complete article and read on.

The point is that SF is, in fact, the necessary literary companion to science. How could fiction avoid considering possible futures in a world of perpetual innovation? And how could science begin to believe in itself as wisdom, rather than just truth, without writers scouting out the territory ahead? Which is why this widely despised genre should be read now more than ever. Unfortunately, as Aldiss and Brake agree, this does not seem to be a great time for the production, never mind the reception, of SF. The classical age – of Wells, Lem and Dick – seems to be behind us, and the emerging genre of New Weird, led by Britain’s China Miéville, shades too much into fantasy and horror to be strictly classified as SF, a genre that must remain true to a certain level of logic and realism.

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