mandala, data loss and reinstall (repost from dA)

Ezt a dA-s naplómba írtam, és most gonoszmód csak úgy idemásolom, mert nincs kedvem újra megírni, sőt, még lefordítani sem. Elnézést.

My new install of XP on my new HDD is up and running. So far so good. But my old HDD, the one that crashed but was at least accessible through miscallenous and weird linux (Ubuntu) utilities seems to have gone the way of the dodo. (Is that a valid phrase in English? It’s not that in Hungarian, but I remember having read it somewhere in English.) This means that most of my data from the previous 3 years or so is gone. The most important bits and pieces are safe, fortunately – but everything else (the simply important stuff, all the moderately important stuff, all my pet projects etcetera) is lost. I’m not really happy.

You know, this reminds me of mandalas, mystic, intricate and beautiful artworks said to help meditation – they’re erased after the meditation, the sand wiped into water and such. Life changes, goes on, old things disappear, new ones arise. Yet…

You know, is a part of the great flow too. D

2 thoughts on “mandala, data loss and reinstall (repost from dA)

  1. Hatalmas respect a Zen-gondolkodásért, részemről napokig tombolnék egy ilyesn eset után… (Hogyhogy nem archiválod a simply és moderately important stuffot? Én már-már betegesen csinálom, azt hiszem.)

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