The Hand That is Not (a NIN remix)

I’ve uploaded The Hand That is Not, my first ever Nine Inch Nails mix at!

I am not a musician, and I don’t even intend to become one, so do not expect anything mindblowing, though. It’s just that I love the music of NIN and have the greatest possible respect for Trent Reznor’s musical and music-industry related achievements. My remixing – however lamely – his/their work is my way of showing this respect. I do not mind getting low ratings or bad criticism – I’m just happy my work is out there. :nod:

If you have a few spare minutes and you’re not afraid of damaging your ears with my humble attempt, do give it a listen. Thank you – and I do hope you like it a bit at least. (And, of course, do leave a comment here or there – at – if you’ve got something to say about it!) :)

Also, thank you, Trent and NIN.


2 thoughts on “The Hand That is Not (a NIN remix)

    • Köszönöm! :) Igen, lesz – csak idő kérdése. Nagyon, nagyon jó érzés az a szabadság, amit a remixelés ad – az, hogy nem köt semmilyen elvárás. :D

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