design for Beyond Moscow, a Kult rpg blog

A blog design (presented in a split-image, to show the header and the footer) for Razor’s roleplaying blog called Beyond Moscow where he and his group publish background materials and in game journals for their adventures, in Hungarian. The game is set in Moscow, Russia and uses the occult-horror Kult roleplaying system.

Hope you like it.

• Design: a template customized for BM by whoisnot.
• Creative Commons (Attribution) stock images by new-ars and peacay.
• Angel illustration by Francisco de Holanda (1545-1573)

2 thoughts on “design for Beyond Moscow, a Kult rpg blog

  1. Hi. Im having a blog where i show illustrations from comics that i do. It is unfortunately written in Swedish but maby you like the pictures. KULT is one of my biggest influenses when im writing on new storys.
    In a week or two i am going to show some new concept art on my blog. All in all about ten illustrations. Its for a new comic series set in early 20 th century called “the black earth” (den svarta jorden)

    • Hi Lars,

      Thanks for dropping by. You do have some nice illustrations over there (I especially liked the “beas of ellesmere island”.) Will check back there sometime.

      All the best,

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