Personal Doomsday Device

Here’s the entry I wrote for Jeff Vandermeer’s The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities: Micro Submissions! “contest”. It hasn’t been selected (because it didn’t really fit the Cabinet, I hope… that would be a better reason than it being badly written :D), but coming up with it was real fun, nonetheless. Thanks for the inspiration, Jeff, and congrats to the winners. :)

PERSONAL DOOMSDAY DEVICE. What first appeared to be an upper set of prosthetic teeth (with one single, solid golden tooth: the maxillary second premolar) manufactured in the Soviet Union turned out to contain a minuscule contraption. This device was designed to destroy, upon the cessation of its wearer’s brain waves, the whole world by triggering, through broadcasting an amplified and encrypted signal, the launch of a number of long range nuclear missiles from the arsenal of the nuclear superpower. Forensic odontology experts invited to examine the prosthesis using historical dental records provided by the Russian authorities opined that it belonged to no known leader of the communist era.
The whereabouts of the lower (mandibular) set, presumably required for the activation and operation of the device, is unknown.


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3 thoughts on “Personal Doomsday Device

  1. No, we thought it was really cool, but there were reasons we couldn’t include it. We really were in agony over some of the decisions.


    • Thank you, Jeff, that is good (and quite reassuring) to know. :)

      Good luck with the project (I do hope to see more like it, and I guess am not alone with that) and all the best,


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