On the TSN OST sample

The Null Corporation has released a five-track sampler of the soundtrack Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross wrote for an upcoming movie, The Social Network*.

I’ve downloaded this sampler – somewhat reluctantly since even though it features works by my favourite ever musician (Reznor), his endeavor with How To Destroy Angels (a band featuring his wife) has left me, surprisingly, pretty untouched -, and I must say it’s an awesome-positive surprise. The tracks sound minimal (to me), in the vein of Reznor’s Ghosts collection, but have a mellow, yet hi-tech ambient feel, something I can imagine dozens of sci-fi stories to. (Forgive me if that sentence doesn’t make too much sense. ;)) My current favourite is “On We March“, an ideal piece of background music for any relatively slow and thoughtful creative process.

Give The Null Corporation a chance and the soundtrack a try. (And do download Ghosts as well if you haven’t done so already.)

* In fact, having listened to these five songs I think I’ll skip the movie: I really am not interested in the dramatized background of Facebook atm, and I wouldn’t want to spoil the story-seeds that this music planted in my head. Well… we’ll see. :)


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