Jockan Rowlkingman? Not really. Better. :D

Had to play a bit again with this funny app called “I Write Like“. Remember, the one which tells you, after you feed it with a paragraph or two of your writing, whose style your stuff resembles most, kind of. Back when I first tried it, it said I write like Chuck Palahniuk (yeah, I wish. (Do I?)) So, this morning I returned to it and asked what it “thought” about The Believing Game, “chapter” by chapter. (It’s a short story, hence the quotation marks.) The results:

“The Rules”: Jack London

“Night’s End”: J.K. Rowling

“I Do Believe”: J.K. Rowling

“Mirrorworld”: Stephen King

“Just Don’t Believe It”: J.K. Rowling

“3:25, A Tale for the Next Day”:  Neil Gaiman

“Your Turn”: A.C. Doyle

If this weren’t funny and weird enough (for me, obviously – I don’t think anyone else would care about this: go analyze your own writing… ;)), I tried a way, way more recent piece (TBG is from 2005), Colder Feet that I wrote a few months ago. The app thinks I’ve gone the way of James Joyce. :D

The conclusion: There’s none. This is for fun, really, something to do till my brain wakes up and I can get some work done. So, there you go. But wait! Now I’ll copy and paste this entry into the machine, ask its opinion.




And the result is:

William Shakespeare!!!

Yeah, sure. ;D


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