Just a MiddleVillain

Last year (somewhere around September, I guess) Natalie Morales, one of the stars of the awesome TV series “The Middleman” held a funny, open competition: all you had to do to enter was to invent and send her a brief character idea/sketch of a new villain for the world of the secretive Middle-organization.

Unfortunately I’ve missed the announcement of the results of the contests, but since it’s been ages ago, I most probably did not win. (Coming to think of it… has there been an announcement at all? :)) However, I wouldn’t want my humble, quite Lovecraftian MiddleVillain to disappear without a trace, so I’ll post the concept here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome…


Dr. Murphy* Hollow
The Head of The Psychology Department
at a University Not Far Enough from the Middle HQ

Brief Character Profile
Dr. Hollow resembles Gary Oldman. Without his head. Well, sometimes with and sometimes without his head. Without, when he’s out villaining in the night. During daytime, when he’s pretending to be normal, his head is attached to his body with a strange machine overgrown with weird fungi (fhtagn!) But his head can be detached, which releases his body from a serious amount of restraint imposed upon it by the constantly thinking, plotting head’s fears for itself. At times like this the body becomes a kind of Headless Horseman, but since the MiddlePeople live in a modern age, picture him, that is, Dr. Hollow’s body as a headless motorcycle-rider, way nimbler and stronger than anyone who has to mind their head.

Yep, Dr. Hollow’s body is the Headless Rider, obeying the orders of the Head of the Department, its own head that rests safely in a safe at the University Labs meanwhile. The body sees and perceives the world through the Unspeakable Machine’s sensors, and acts like a wild, cunning, stealthy and powerful predator – yet it always comes back to its master, doing the head’s bidding (and many other things, for its own sake, of course.)

…and the Head of the Dept keeps asking for more and more heads. It wants to enter and conquer the Lovecraftian Dreamlands, to rule Humanity through its dreams, but it needs extra brainpower for that. Extra brains. (In weird jars. Iä! Iä!) And extra headless minions.

Seems like getting ahead of Dr. Hollow and stopping his mad dreams won’t be an easy ride for the MiddleGuys. Perhaps playing the body (bodies!) against the head could help… but how? :)

* “During the episode”, hint that the name Murphy refers to Morpheus, god of dreams in Greek mythology – so Dr. Hollow’s kinda… Sleepy. ;) All the time.


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