The reason why even devouring tons of books is pointless

‎’If “well-read” means “not missing anything,” then nobody has a chance.’

The Sad, Beautiful Fact that We’re All Going to Miss Almost Everything

Now that’s a real thoughtful article. Nothing revolutionary, but it excellently sums up a concern a lot of us seem to share.

What it discusses… is the reason why I think even devouring tons of books is pointless, especially if the haste takes away from the depth of the experience. I’d rather read a good book twice and slowly than read through five quickly and not remember or understand them for real. (And it holds true for other media too, as far as I’m concerned.)

And in case you’re a writer, just consider your chance to make ripples that last for more than 15 minutes, that touch people for real. I guess that requires enormous talent and skill… let alone a huge amount of luck. Yet we all try (for a while at least), don’t we?

(link via Smashing Magazine’s Facebook Feed)


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