Book cover for The Golem and the Jinni (Hungarian edition)

Book cover (full spread) for the Hungarian edition of Helene Wecker’s “The Golem and the Jinni“, to be published by GABO Kiadó.

Cover illustrations by bodaszilvia
Cover design and typography by yours truly (Gabor Csigas)

For further credits, please click here (or on the image above. :))


Cthulhoid jewelry by BoSzi

WATCHER - OOAK steampunk ear wrap

WATCHER – OOAK steampunk ear wrap

WATCHER - OOAK steampunk locket pendant

WATCHER – OOAK steampunk locket pendant

A small collection of Cthulhoid jewelry by my ♥ :)
The images point to the respective pieces in her amazing little Etsy shop, full of wonders like these… and less scary pieces as well. ;)


Zombeeee by BoSzi :)


God Mode OFF (another NIN remix) etc

I’ve uploaded God Mode OFF, my second Nine Inch Nails reconstruction at This time it’s a “soundtrackish” one, a tribute not only to TR and NIN but to the long hours I spent playing Quake I. The song is based on samples from “God Given” off the Year Zero album. And I’m still not a musician… so be afraid! :sarcasticclap: :D

In other news, these past days I’ve been working on the translation of a triple A (that is, major league) computer game. Tons of text and very tight deadlines – but I love the material and been making surprisingly fast progress, finishing twice(!) as many words in a day than I usually do. I expect this game to be really amazing. (But I can’t tell you more about it, being bound by an NDA.)

Today I’ll have a day off. Try and write something creative? Begin a short story perhaps? Or just lay back and watch the sky? Try and come up with some ideas to promote BoSzi’s wonderful little gift shop at etsy further? (You know, everything needs promotion. That’s just a fact. We’re sailing an ocean of information here, we all need guiding lights – especially if we’re trying to make ends meet. :D By the way, we’d be happy and thankful if you helped us spread the word… or found and bought something for yourself or for someone you hold dear. :nod: )

And what will you do this sunday?


BoSzi’s jewelry shop is open

Finally she’s opened her own little shop at, which is an ebay-like (…?) site for quality (!) handcrafted stuff. Woot! :)