Book cover for The Golem and the Jinni (Hungarian edition)

Book cover (full spread) for the Hungarian edition of Helene Wecker’s “The Golem and the Jinni“, to be published by GABO Kiadó.

Cover illustrations by bodaszilvia
Cover design and typography by yours truly (Gabor Csigas)

For further credits, please click here (or on the image above. :))


Temp cover for “Haunted Futures”

Temporary cover for Haunted Futures

A temporary cover for Ghostwoods Books’ “Haunted Futures”, a multi-genre anthology feat. Warren Ellis, John Reppion, Liesel Schwarz, Chuck Wendig, Richard Kadrey, Stephen Blackmoore, and others.

Please, help make this book possible with Kickstarter. Thank you. :)

What I got for my birthday + shameless self-promo + cover for Daryl Gregory


Look, what a generous and embarrassingly kind birthday present I got from the awesome people – esp. Csilla – at GABO Kiadó, a Hungarian publisher: an article about me and my covers. (Click the image below to check it, but beware, it’s in Hungarian. :)) Thank you, guys, you’re too kind!

Btw, the above is a cover for the Hungarian translation of Daryl Gregory‘s Raising Stony Mayhall, (soon to be) published by Gabo. I don’t think I’ve shown it to you yet… so here it is. And this is what Daryl thinks of it:The cover of the Hungarian version of RAISING STONY MAYHALL is IMHO awesome.” Thank you, Daryl, I’m happy you like it. :)

I’ll show you the full spread of this cover soon, with stock image credits (all included in the book, of course) and so on. :)


Cthulhu Lives! – Lovecraftian anthology cover reveal

An anthology of cosmic horror stories with a modern sensibility.

An eldritch tribute to H.P. Lovecraft by Tim Dedopulos, John Reppion,  Greg Stolze, Lynne Hardy, Gabor Csigas, Gethyn A. Lynes, E. Dane Anderson, Piers Beckley, Joff Brown, Joff Brown, Jeremy Clymer, Helmer Gorman, Michael Grey, G.K. Lomax, Iain Lowson, Marc Reichardt, Peter Tupper, and Adam Vidler, with a foreword by Leeman Kessler of ‘Ask Lovecraft’, and an afterword by S.T. Joshi. Edited by Salomé Jones.

Coming soon from Ghostwoods Books.

For detailed image credits, copyright notices, and a larger version, please visit my deviantart page: click here, or on the image above.

To keep an eye on what’s happening, that is, for updates and more information, visit either the Facebook page of Ghostwoods Books (and like it, if you like it, and don’t forget to turn “get notifications” on as well) – but if FB is not your thing, you’ll find Ghostwoods on twitter as well, not to mention that they, of course, have their own official website too, with a page dedicated to Cthulhu Lives! (which will be updated periodically, obviously.)

Edit: I’ve updated the image and the names to show the final version. :)


The first review of Red Phone Box

Red Phone Box is anything but boring, I will give it that. Each writer brings something new to the table and I discovered a number of people whose stuff I’m going to actively seek out as soon as I can. From Tim Dedopulos’ haunting prose, to Gábor Csigás’ frantic ventures into mythology to Salome Jones’ looks into living someone else’s life (…)
Every story has something to offer and every one of them could very well stand on its own. Myself, I’d love to give it a second read one day, perhaps following just one path, see how it goes.

Red Phone Box will be out soon! Well, soon…ish. :D But the first reviews are in (see above, for example)…

…and you can already preorder the book on Amazon (and elsewhere as well.) :)