Cthulhu Lives! – Lovecraftian anthology cover reveal

An anthology of cosmic horror stories with a modern sensibility.

An eldritch tribute to H.P. Lovecraft by Tim Dedopulos, John Reppion,  Greg Stolze, Lynne Hardy, Gabor Csigas, Gethyn A. Lynes, E. Dane Anderson, Piers Beckley, Joff Brown, Joff Brown, Jeremy Clymer, Helmer Gorman, Michael Grey, G.K. Lomax, Iain Lowson, Marc Reichardt, Peter Tupper, and Adam Vidler, with a foreword by Leeman Kessler of ‘Ask Lovecraft’, and an afterword by S.T. Joshi. Edited by Salomé Jones.

Coming soon from Ghostwoods Books.

For detailed image credits, copyright notices, and a larger version, please visit my deviantart page: click here, or on the image above.

To keep an eye on what’s happening, that is, for updates and more information, visit either the Facebook page of Ghostwoods Books (and like it, if you like it, and don’t forget to turn “get notifications” on as well) – but if FB is not your thing, you’ll find Ghostwoods on twitter as well, not to mention that they, of course, have their own official website too, with a page dedicated to Cthulhu Lives! (which will be updated periodically, obviously.)

Edit: I’ve updated the image and the names to show the final version. :)


Red Phone Box proof, linking Salomé’s blog post

Red Phone Box cover proof photographed by Salomé Jones

Go read Salomé’s blog post “Why does it take so long to get a book out? Book development and the slow pace of publishing” for some insight and a few more photos of the proof. :)

Red Phone Box book teaser 1

“Teaser for Red Phone Box: a darkly magical story cycle. Featuring a voice-over by English writer Warren Ellis.

Shatter a mirror, and rearrange the pieces. What shapes will you find in the splintered glass?

Sinister forces roam London’s streets, skulking through the neon-lit rain. They are not alone. Haunted by memories of the man who abandoned her, Amber goes walking in the deep night. The phone box she enters takes her on a journey she could never have imagined, one in which the past and the future will be rewritten. Others follow in her footsteps, their lives intertwining, and the fate of the world hanging on their dance. Safran, pawn of unimaginable powers. Jon, who has lived and died and lived again. Gloria, who only intended to annoy her daddy. Cory, from a different world, on a desperate quest for allies. They and others will find themselves swept up as the playthings of gods who have managed to get along peacefully for millennia — until now.

Red Phone Box is a darkly magical story cycle, a network of interweaving tales by a dazzling range of masterful authors, including Gun Machine’s Warren Ellis. Let them take you to a very different London — one that hides on the other side of the fractured glass.”

Red Phone Box is live on Kickstarter

Red Phone Box – a darkly magical story cycle – is a project featuring the work of 29 writers and artists, including Warren Ellis, Tim Dedopulos, Dan Wickline, Ben Templesmith… and, to mention just one more example, yours truly. :)

Head over to the project’s page to read more about it, to see some samples of the awesome illustrations by Kara Yoon Frame, and, of course, to check out Salomé Jones‘s great intro video. (You know, she’s the editor of the book. And the heart of the whole project, along with Tim. A huge thanks to both of them – and to everyone else involved, of course.)

Support RPB if you like what you read & see over there, please.

Red Phone Box book cover

Thank you.

A Taste of Bitter Gold: my new, free short story

Reality was a bad dream. At least, some realities were. Alexander’s reality had been exactly that ever since he’d arrived in London a year ago. A bad dream. Not just poorly written and directed here and there, but actively twisted and evil, seriously bad. The worst thing was that he wasn’t sure whether he was the protagonist or merely some walk-on. Although it was more like a run-on at the moment.

The street, irritated by Alexander’s noisy stumbling, tried to shake him off. It threw people right into his path. He was too tired to dodge them, too slow, so he crashed into them. Some of them pushed him backwards. Or sideways. Muttering. Shouting. Shaking fists. At other moments, the street opened unexpected doors that he had to dodge. It loosened cobblestones that tried to trip him. Worse still, the street granted his pursuers freedom of movement — and they were catching up with him, in their black suits, with their gunmetal hands and foreign curses. The street, under suddenly doubtful skies, wanted to get rid of him. Quickly.

Read the rest of “A Taste of Bitter Gold” at Red Phone Box

(…and do read all the other stories Salomé Jones’ RPB has to offer as well. ;))

Edit: Red Phone Box has gone live on Kickstarter, and it will be even better than what we had online so far. Yes, the already existing stories have undergone further edits. And there will be new stories too. One by Warren Ellis, for example…